25 Jul

The day is Wednesday, July 25th.  It is 5:03 pm East Coast Standard Time.  46 days until camp.  56 until the tournament.  My name is the King of All Jewish Baseball, prepare to die.

I trained yesterday in Maria Hernandez and at Richies, and today in Central Park.

6 games in the next four days, again.  Thursday (tomorrow), Friday, and Sunday with the Thunder Dogs.  And Saturday double-dip with the A’s.

I did some research on the Zorrilla, and it turns out it’s not as hidden as I thought it was.  I will now, using the power of copying and pasting and captions and a little Jewish Baseball Magic, present the very things you could yourself find if you were crazy or bored enough to google “Zorrilla baseball”, only in a slightly more logical order.

Here’s an article from the New York Times.

And this, from the Alicia Patterson Foundation, a blog and American journalism fund.  Both good stories.  The pictures are great.

Pedrin Zorrilla owned the Santurce Crabbers in the Puerto Rican Professional League in the 40’s and 50’s and was also a scout for several Major League organizations and a politician and apparently an all around amazing person…

And our league is named after him.  According to this clip, shot to the highest quality professional videographic standards, this is the 61st year for the Pedrin Zorrilla League!  (Pardon the absurdly long intro…)

And look, a sweet promo…

If you can bear any more of the fast paced action and the mind numbing special effects, then YOU MUST check out this strike three call from the announcer around the 2:30 mark!

It appears, my team, the A’s, are the stars of the league.  If you didn’t notice, we’re in the green in the previous clip.  Here are a couple of our guys in the dugout.  I do not know what anyone is saying, and no one is paying any attention to the game until there’s a pop-up near the dugout at the 35 second mark when the video turns off…

So it appears the King of Jewish Baseball, after 40 years of wandering the desert, naked, has found his home amongst his fellow baseball cast-offs, the Okland A’s (of East New York), fallen superstars of the Pedrin Zorrilla Semi-Professional Baseball League.

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