23 Jul

Thunder Dogs win Saturday.  A’s win Sunday.  Good weekend.  Another  6 games this week.  Day off today.  Had to catch the last 4 innings Saturday and the knees instantly turned to dry gears.

We had the fundraiser dinner last night at the City Winery, Shlo’s place.  There were 8 tables of guest between giant silver tanks of wine.  Peter flew in from Israel to host and give a presentation.  Check the new promo video for a new stadium…

The Winery doubles– triples, as a restaurant and music venue as well.  From my seat in the wine room, I could see into the main room where, on stage, none other than Kenny Fucking Loggins was performing.  Can you believe it, the King of All Jewish Baseball, and Kenny Loggins, King of All Movie Soundtrack Theme Songs (I’m Alright/Caddy Shack, Danger Zone/Top Gun, and Footloose/Footloose), in the same place at the same time?  This was a truly magical evening.

kenny fucking loggins, last night.

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