3 Jul


Home from Vermont.  Double header in the morning.  Went to the park near my house to hit off the tee a little.  The prospect of hitting tomorrow after a week of not swinging horrified me to the point that I dragged my tee out of my bag and hit in the dark while keeping one eye out for rats.

Youk is in town.  He got traded to the White Sox a few days ago and they are here for the weekend.  I think the White Sox are a good fit for him, and he is going to tear it up in Chicago.  I saw that he went 3 for 3 in one of his first games. Funny, while I am playing third base and trying my best to hit off a college kid tomorrow, Youk will be playing third base down the street at a little place called Yankee Stadium hitting off god knows what monster on the Yankee staff.  Same game, different stakes I suppose.  Good luck tomorrow, Youk!


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