9 Jul

I know, Ladies and Geetles, with everything in the news about Israel, you’re waiting to hear from me, King of All Jewish Baseball, sovereign leader of the most powerful baseball organization in the world, about what to do next, how to feel, and where to hide. And so I write, today, not from the giant, golden, eagle-shaped word processor I usually use to compose my symphonic blog posts, but with a pre-paid purple flip phone from under the passenger seat of my car, for there is no time to waste. 1st, I must tell you, it is all true, everything you’ve heard, everything you’ve seen, on CNN, BBC World News, and Fox, the pictures, the constant updates, yes, THIS IS THE 1st WEEK OF BASEBALL CAMP IN ISRAEL.
Every morning, 50 kids and their coaches come together at Baptist Village to play ball. We throw, we hit, we soul clap while the sound of rockets being intercepted by the Iron Dome over Tel Aviv echo in the distance. It is a bit strange, I admit, that last part, and also maybe how often we soul clap, but what is most strange is how normal things are. Mostly, this week has been about what all baseball camps are about, JAMES BROWN, and the chance to do something special, to make a great play, to hit a home run, the chance to call yourself a ballplayer. So stop worrying, MOM!– Moms, that is. We’re just playing ball.
Above, a horrified child in a Yankee jersey practices on a slip n’ slide.



  1. Wendy Maus July 9, 2014 at 7:05 pm #

    Thanks Nate! Glad to hear camp is going well. My daughter is in Israel now.. And having a great time.. Although this mom worries too :/
    Thanks for the reassurance! Have a great summer!!

  2. Ricky July 11, 2014 at 6:01 am #

    Nate, You’re a hero in the world of baseball! And not doing to bad in the larger world as well. Stay safe. Love, Ricky, Polly, Julia and Nina

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