21 Sep

Just got home from the park.  We beat Spain 4-2!  Nate Freiman hit 2 more home-runs!  He has 4 total in 2 games.  Check it out…

It was a magical day at the park for the Greatest Jewish Baseball Team of All Time.  We’re only one game away from winning the tournament.  France and South Africa play tonight.  The winner plays Spain tomorrow afternoon.  And we play the winner of tomorrow’s game on Sunday for the Championship.

This is not a true double elimination tournament.  We will have no losses going into the finals.  And the team we play, whoever it is, will have 1 loss.  Usually, in a double elimination, the team with 1 loss would have to beat the undefeated team twice, but Sunday will be a single game, winner takes all.

And so it all comes down to this, as they say.  All of the things, all of the time, all of the people.  Team Israel, Grand Finale, Sunday, 5pm.  Prepare yourselfs for the Greatest Jewish Baseball Magic Show on Earth.

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  1. hwy505 September 21, 2012 at 10:02 pm #

    You guys played great – (I’m the one three rows behind the plate in the Arizona jersey) – looking forward to Sundays game!

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