13 Sep

We’ve been here for 4 days now.  And it’s about time you get to meet the guys.  Right now, 17 Israelis are here, 4 Americans including me, and a slew of staff member.  Brad Ausmus who will manage Team Israel arrived last night, and the rest of the guys will be landing in the next couple days, so, before all the American players arrive and the inevitable frenzy that comes along with the tournament ensues, here are the members of the Israel National Team plus staff beginning with none other than…

Nate Fish, the King of Jewish Baseball

Dan Rothem, RHP, the King of… A Two-State Solution

Omri Modiano, OF, The King of Lawn Darts

Tal Erel aka Baby Griffey, C, The King of the Future of Israel Baseball

Orr Gottleib aka the Israeli Babe Ruth, OF

Chanoch Berman, 3B, the Young King of Raanana

Guy Peled, 1B, the King of Jewish Piracy

Yuli Tsypin, OF, the King of Laughter

Adam Gladstone, equipment manager/BP pitcher, the King of All Baseball Gear

Steve Hertz, manager, the King of All Baseball Knowledge and Sun Screen

Richard Kania, coach, the King of Inventive Baseball Drills

Peter Kurz, Secretary General of the Israel Association of Baseball, the King of e-mails pertaining to Israel Baseball

Oren Gal aka the Israeli Dustin Pedroia, 2B

Eitan Maoz, C, the Greatest Canadian/Israeli Catcher of All Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

Asaf Rothem, 2B/Israel Baseball Documentarian, the King of Pain and Predictions

Dan Rootenberg, trainer, the King of Creative Tape Jobs

David Klein, C/roommate, the King of Northern California Baseball

Josh Weiss, OF, the King of Jewish Hair

Dani Goldring, SS/2B, the Ultimate Destroyer of Wood Bats

Alex, team coordinator, Inventor of the Radar Gun Clip

Sam, bus driver, the King of Safe Bus Driving (great job so far Sam!)

Jesse Sultanik, OF, King of the small clan of Tall Blond Handsome Jews

Yoni Alter, LHP/1B, the King of The Corner Locker

Shlomo Lipetz, RHP/Baseball Bandit, the King of Kings

Ally Recht, team coordinator, the Queen of All Baseball

David Leichman aka Leich Cream, the King of Ice Cream

Alon Leichman aka The Shalom, RHP, King of Reggae Ton

Yoandy Gil-Levy, OF/RHP, the King of unintelligible statements

Now meet them all with the magical new technology known as video…


  1. Hertz, Stephen September 15, 2012 at 5:35 am #

    Nate: I will drive to practice on Sat. Please convey message if not there. Thanks, Steve

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