10 Sep

We’re here – Jupiter, Florida.


I arrived at 11:30.  The guys from Israel, the coaches, the trainers, everyone, trickled in throughout the day hungry and tired after variously long and painful flights.  I will introduce you to them all, in time.  For now, we met and ate pizza in the team hospitality room, a lounge on the first floor of the hotel full of food and drinks for us.  We had 4:30 uniform pass-out, a quick team meeting, and our first practice.  A few of us went over to the field early to check out the facility and hit in the cages.  “The facility” is really two facilities.  One side for the Marlins.  One for the Cardinals.  We are on the Marlins side.  The easiest way to explain, in this case, is to not explain, so instead of carrying on, I will simply give you a tour…

After 32 years, I am finally in the Big Leagues… for two weeks.  A hotel room, a locker full of gear.  The bus to the field leaves at 8:30 tomorrow.  Practice in the morning.  Intra-Squad in the afternoon.  Lunch in between in the clubhouse.  I never want to leave…

israel national team gets ready for practice

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