8 Sep

I leave tomorrow morning.  We have a light workout on the field tomorrow night.  And we begin our full schedule Monday.  I just got my final workout in.  And I am going to begin packing now.  The time has come to put away the crown and the cape and the gold jewelry and just be Nate Fish again– just one of the guys trying to make the team.  It is time to shut-up and play baseball.  Serious matters are at-hand.  Guys will get hurt.  Guys will get cut.  For all I know, I may be one of them.  Home-runs will be hit.  There will be a winner.  And there will be many losers.  I know that I am ready, ready as I can be.  And I thank you for joining me thus far.  I will continue writing every day from Florida, letting you know what’s going on with the team and the tournament.  For now, I will stop writing, I need to go the pharmacy for a big bottle of extra-strength Advil…

hangin’ up the cape and crown… for now

See you in Florida.

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  1. Hertz, Stephen September 8, 2012 at 8:47 pm #

    You’re the best! Looking forward to seeing you. Steve

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