9 Aug

It’s August 9th.  Exactly one month before we leave for camp.  I have hardly missed a day in the last 8 months.  But I need to recommit myself to my training.  It suddenly struck me, I’m a long shot, a no one– not Israeli enough to be considered for one of the few roster spots reserved for Israelis, and not good enough to be considered for one of the spots reserved for Americans.  And my knee hurts.  I didn’t want to say anything, but ever since I caught those 4 innings (just 4 innings!), it’s been giving me fits.  I can’t squat.  And after I run it tightens up and aches like hell. I am going to see Doc Root about it.  But my spirit is strong.  I cannot be stopped.  I am the Jewish Mohammed Ali, the Black James Brown, and the Asian Shirley Temple.  I am the Champ.  The buddha.  I am free!  There have been people that are better at baseball than I am, better at writing, and better at dancing and painting rocks with better collections of gold jewels, but there has never been anyone better at all of these things.  I am the only one.  The King of Jewish Baseball.  So kiss my ass.  Who needs a knee?  A little pain never hurt anyone.  You’re going to have to put one in my head and nail the coffin shut to keep me off the field.  I’ll lubricate my knees with the warm blood of the defeated and move forward.  I’ll eat rocks and shit dirt.  I’ll show this world what love is.  Jupiter, Florida, prepare yourselfs, KOJB is coming!

the king of jewish baseball

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  1. DFW August 9, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

    You’re my hero!

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