11 Jul

For anyone doubting how seriously I am taking this blog… Boom!  A photo of the blog on my new Mac Book Pro!

new mac book!

Moving on up from this guy, an old Dell.

old dell.

You cannot see it, but in the chat box my sister is saying she retweeted my tweet about yesterdays post (follow me @kingofJbaseball).  But that she only has 11 followers.  Ouch.  What you see behind the computer are some rocks I painted and put in plastic bags.  And next to the computer, none other than… some of my jewels.  Which reminds me, jewels update!

sweet new jewels.

Boom!  Two new bracelets.  Gonna take my inner peace game to a whole new level.  I do afterall have a mantra.  “Commit to effort”.  Say it between every pitch.  There’s too much shit that can go wrong on a baseball field.  Thinking about results is just a distraction.  So if you can commit one pitch at a time to great effort, you’re good.  Come to think of it, I do not think officially that you are supposed to share your mantra with other people.  Shit.

I went to Frank’s today.  Had to pick up Shlo’s glove for him.  They were restringing it.  Frank’s is the oldest and still best sporting goods store in New York City.  It’s on Tremont Avenue in the Bronx off the 176 Street stop of the 4train, four stops past yankee stadium.

yankee stadium, from the 4 train, if you could not tell.

Frank’s is in a tough area, but they’ve maintained over the years.  Better than maintained.  They provide gear to a lot of Major League players and organizations.  At the store they have a file cabinet with players and their agent’s names with a list of what gear the player uses during the season.  Because they supply so many pros, they have a room in the basement full of overstocked pro wood bats.  I know they guys at Frank’s, so they let me down there to pick from the pro stock.

basement at Frank’s.

This training shit is expensive…

6, wood bats ($300)

1, pair of new nike spikes ($100)

1, glove restring ($20)

1, nike compression sleeve so I don’t keep cutting my arm when I dive for balls or slide head-first ($20)

1, 60 minute full body massage ($75)

3, month memberships to Richie’s Gym ($75)

1, training session with a coach at Velocity sports, a speed and strength gym in midtown ($135)

1, Oakland A’s hat ($30)

An absurd amount of gold and beaded jewelry (PRICELESS)

Grand Total = $755!  So far.

And that doesn’t count all the cliff bars, gatorades, and bananas that litter my ball bag.  I am not particularly shrewd, bad with money to be honest. Spend too much of it.  But, as King of Jewish Baseball and certifiable baseball genius, I feel entitled to free gear.  Once you’ve been issued free stuff for so long, and even get paid (if only a little) to play, there’s some switch that is thrown and you think you are gonna get free stuff forever.  But, alas, no.  At some point every man must rejoin the ranks of the common shlub and pay for shoes and gym memberships.  At least I have Frank’s.  Thanks guys!

Frank’s Sports Shop.

5 games in the next 5 days.  3 with the T-Dogs, starting tonight, and 2 with the A’s.

Will let you know what transpires.  For now, Nate Fish, King of Jewish Baseball, signing off.

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