The Mets

3 Jul


Met’s won 5-0.  R.A. Dickey threw a 1-hitter for the Mets.  Potential future teammate on Team Israel, Met’s first baseman, Ike Davis, hit a Grand Slam.  Again, the tournament in September is going to be mostly minor league players… and me.   Then if we win the qualifier, guys like Davis and Kinsler will join up for the actual tournament in 2013.

It’s embarrassing, but I still have dreams about playing in the Major Leagues.

met’s high-fiving after win

I can’t help it.  When I am conscious, I can rationally be thankful for the fact that I did not make it and instead have had the opportunity to cultivate my mind and do things most pro ballplayers miss out on like having a healthy obsession with costume jewelry.  But when I’m asleep, my subconscious takes over and I’ll have a dream where I am with Youk in the clubhouse or in the dugout and we’re both playing for the Red Sox and I keep thinking, “I’m finally in the Big Leagues, I’m really in the Big Leagues.”  Then I wake up and realize that I am not in the Big Leagues, but in my bed on the floor in my room in Brooklyn.  Who needs the Big Leagues?  I got the Thunder Dogs.  Game time is 7:30 tonight.  Will report back after…

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