3 Jul


Lifted at Richie’s this morning.  Lifting at Richie’s is a close to lifting in prison yard as I ever want to get.  It is me and some adorable monsters from the local projects.  I got some looks day one, but everyone is pretty cool and I have even elevated to, after a few weeks of steady appearances, official fist-pound status with many of the regulars.

Richie’s Gym.

I also have a run with the Bridge Runners tonight, in about 30 minutes, so I’m writing fast.  The Bridge Runners are a group of former vandals, skaters, kuckleheads, artists, users, and abusers who started a running group to get healthy.  It has turned into something of an international phenomenon with Nike Bridge Runner Crews in 11 cities around the world.  Tonight is the annual Harold Hunter run. It’s just a three mile run, which is about three more miles than I am used to running.  And it’s like 100 degrees today in NYC.

here we come. nyc bridge runners.

our pace car, Freaky Fridge!

And have a group workout in Central Park tomorrow morning.  I organized group workouts for myself and bunch of high-school players every Wednesday and Friday morning at 10am on the North Meadow, field number 11.

the wed/fri central park high-school training crew. from left to right; christian, george, chris, and alex.

It will be last workout on the field for a week.  I rented a house in Vermont beginning tomorrow until next Friday, the 29th.  I wanted to get out of the city and clear my mind after leaving work and everything else that’s happened.  But now I feel like it’s interrupting my training and I am nervous I’ll lose some momentum…

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